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Wednesday, 29 February 2012

My Creative Space

The past week I spent waiting for a new delivery of Bendigo wool. Be warned while they produce lovely yarn, their postal service isn't quite up to speed.
So I had to start something else. It was time to replace the "Winnie the Pooh" rug in my school girl's room.
So out came the Zpagetti yarn from previous projects and an oval rug in dc's. It was very much an "as you go" pattern. There was alot of unravelling and redoing to get the increases right.
A size 12 hook was used and sore muscles were detected.

It is slightly wonky -not a perfect oval. But my daughter didn't seem to notice.
 Her comments were "it's not big enough".

So this is the "Something Pretty" blanket so far. I'm past the halfway mark!!

And I'm back on task. Hopefully the next post will be the finished piece.
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Saturday, 25 February 2012

sunday snippets

Gosford Art Gallery, in the gardens.

Me modelling my very new specs.

Knitting -I know knitting. Not crochet.

My favourite pizza- Zuchinni, boccocini, lemon and thyme.

Some pool time.

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Thursday, 23 February 2012

Back on the wheel

So good to get back to my spinning group and spinning. It seemed  a while, and I was a bit rusty.
But the task I set myself was to learn how to hand card. And I specifically wanted to mix some colours and fibers.

So I'll let the photos do most of the explaining. 
What you have here is a mix of commercially dyed merino and corriedale wool and undyed silk.

And then I plyed it with cotton.

The colour is actually nothing like I set out to achieve. But am pretty happy with the result.
Actually, as someone pointed out in my group I actually created the colours I was wearing in my skirt. The photo is not that clear, but did you pick that up in the photo collage?

And I finally got around to finishing my 2nd denim composition.
I had 2 skeins of thick and thin. Decided to leave one as a single ply and the other I plyed with a cotton thread (the same as the above one).

So the final line up -
8 plyish, thick and thin plyed with cotton thread, and single ply thick and thin.
Now what to create. I want to use them in the one knitted project for an interesting  textured look.I'm thinking a shawl, wrap , scarf thingy. Can anyone offer suggestions or patterns?

Have a fabulous Fiber Arts Friday

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

My Creative Space

Therapy sessions have resumed! 
I received some gorgeous wool from Bendigo Mills.
Practicalities and finances determined my big project. There are quite a few blankets I have pinned lately. I chose "something pretty" because it required fewer colours basically, and the fact I wanted to actually create something pretty. I am hoping I will build up a stash of leftovers to start a ripple or spotty blanket...

So the run down.
Classic 8 ply yarn from Bendigo Woollen Mills
Colours: Almond, Lipstick Rose, Musk, Rose Pink, Sea Quest
"Something Pretty" pattern here.
deviations so far -using size 5.5 hook.

Happy days!
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Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Just call me Granny

I was thinking of calling this post "feeling lost". Crochet has come to be my form of therapy.
A couple of posts ago I mentioned I felt the need for a bigger project. The only problem at the moment is that I'm currently yarn deficient for  any major project. So I've been a bit lost as to what to do.

Anyway I continued with the smaller projects like the Towel Topper I have on my "to do" list. I had the cotton and the towel. I experimented with patterns and finally settled on the granny pattern as my favourite.
Some people hate these. Possibly they have been given too many dowdy ones  from their great aunt Mavis -not sure. But I love them. I really find them practical. So I will endeavour to modernise the humble towel topper. 
My husband did call  me "granny" when he saw what I had done.

Another quick project to keep my fingers busy.
This necklace was made from a beautiful soft Jo Sharp yarn.
I had a play around with crochet twirls.

I still was feeling lost , so I turned to sewing. 
I have been collecting all my son's T -shirts he has outgrown.
I've seen this done before and thought what a great idea.
But I am not a neat sewer and I discovered I don't like sewing T-shirt material.
 It stretched as I sewed it. 
It was frustrating.
Fortunately the recipient can overlook the wonky squares. He just see his favourite T-shirts.

It was a big project, but not a therapeutic one.
So I had to order some yarn.
 Of course I did.
And as I keep saying to my husband, it is cheaper than going to see a therapist!
So I wait each day for the postman to arrive...
Until then I will check out what other creative souls are doing over at ourcreativespaces

Sunday, 5 February 2012

My Place and Yours - Outside

I'm playing along with Vic's My Place And Yours this week.
And the theme is Outside.
I love this theme. It is the best part of where I live. So be warned, there are lots of photos!
And apologies for those that have seen these photos before. I live here and I still can't get enough of it.

 Steve spent a good deal of 2010 building this pool. We had our first swim christmas eve 2010.

 A dragon fly created by a local artist.

 My rosemary bush I can't do no wrong with..

 The original caretaker's cottage - now home to our chooks.
 One of our marvelous rocks.

Another one of our marvelous rocks.

The tree house. Can you see the chandelier?

 Inside the chook house.

Never get tired of it.

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