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Thursday, 23 February 2012

Back on the wheel

So good to get back to my spinning group and spinning. It seemed  a while, and I was a bit rusty.
But the task I set myself was to learn how to hand card. And I specifically wanted to mix some colours and fibers.

So I'll let the photos do most of the explaining. 
What you have here is a mix of commercially dyed merino and corriedale wool and undyed silk.

And then I plyed it with cotton.

The colour is actually nothing like I set out to achieve. But am pretty happy with the result.
Actually, as someone pointed out in my group I actually created the colours I was wearing in my skirt. The photo is not that clear, but did you pick that up in the photo collage?

And I finally got around to finishing my 2nd denim composition.
I had 2 skeins of thick and thin. Decided to leave one as a single ply and the other I plyed with a cotton thread (the same as the above one).

So the final line up -
8 plyish, thick and thin plyed with cotton thread, and single ply thick and thin.
Now what to create. I want to use them in the one knitted project for an interesting  textured look.I'm thinking a shawl, wrap , scarf thingy. Can anyone offer suggestions or patterns?

Have a fabulous Fiber Arts Friday


  1. Wow - it turned out so well! And love that dark cotton with your greyish denim-y blues. Well done!

  2. Ah, I can never get enough of beautiful handspun yarn. Great job.

  3. You've made some lovely yarn!

  4. LOve the colours in the fist one!

  5. WOW your blended carded yarn looks & spun up so nice. When I saw you carding away last I had no clue how it will spin up, nice to finally see it. I like how you plied them with cotton it really lets the colours pop showing the beautiful handspun.
    I'm sorry I missed you last week! :(


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