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Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Just call me Granny

I was thinking of calling this post "feeling lost". Crochet has come to be my form of therapy.
A couple of posts ago I mentioned I felt the need for a bigger project. The only problem at the moment is that I'm currently yarn deficient for  any major project. So I've been a bit lost as to what to do.

Anyway I continued with the smaller projects like the Towel Topper I have on my "to do" list. I had the cotton and the towel. I experimented with patterns and finally settled on the granny pattern as my favourite.
Some people hate these. Possibly they have been given too many dowdy ones  from their great aunt Mavis -not sure. But I love them. I really find them practical. So I will endeavour to modernise the humble towel topper. 
My husband did call  me "granny" when he saw what I had done.

Another quick project to keep my fingers busy.
This necklace was made from a beautiful soft Jo Sharp yarn.
I had a play around with crochet twirls.

I still was feeling lost , so I turned to sewing. 
I have been collecting all my son's T -shirts he has outgrown.
I've seen this done before and thought what a great idea.
But I am not a neat sewer and I discovered I don't like sewing T-shirt material.
 It stretched as I sewed it. 
It was frustrating.
Fortunately the recipient can overlook the wonky squares. He just see his favourite T-shirts.

It was a big project, but not a therapeutic one.
So I had to order some yarn.
 Of course I did.
And as I keep saying to my husband, it is cheaper than going to see a therapist!
So I wait each day for the postman to arrive...
Until then I will check out what other creative souls are doing over at ourcreativespaces


  1. Um. SInce you've ordered yarn anyway...

    That ripple blanket pattern is like basket-weaving is supposed to be. THERAPY in capital letters. Just sayin'.

    PS. So impressed with t-shirt quilt action.

  2. I love the idea of the t-shirt quilt... such a lovely way to used all the old favourite t-shirts! It looks excellent!
    Yeh I'm not a big fan of the tea towel toppers but I'm sure in a few year I will be ... ha ha ha :)

  3. I love those towel toppers, have on the knobs of a few kitchen cupboards, to wipe one's hands on constantly.
    sounds like you have been in the yarn wilderness. hoping mr postie comes soon with some goodies.
    well done on the t shirt sewing. i do find hooking to be a calmer crafty thing too.

  4. OMG I love those teatowels and they're really hard to find. I only have one and I have to constantly wash it and re-hang it on the cupboard door in the kitchen. Do you make them to order by any chance?

    PS - I soooo get that making a t-shirt quilt is NOT in the slightest bit therapeutic!

  5. Crochet is my therapy too, I hope your yarn gets to you soon! What big project do you think you'll do?

  6. very well done on the T shirt quilt, I am sure it will be a big favourite even if it drove you nanas :) hehe
    Oh and I hope the postman arrives soon, it is such a nice feeling to have goodies in the mail! x

  7. I've always wanted to do this with my Husband's T-shirts, but now that you mention the stretching, I'm not so sure. Your's came out great though. Love the little necklace, too.

  8. God yeah! Cheapest therapy ever.
    Even when it's designer.
    Loving all your projects and am looking forward to the big project.

  9. I have always wanted to make a t-shirt quilt and yours looks so nice....I am inspired now. :)

  10. The t-shirt quilt is great. I love it. You did such a great job and the idea is so inspiring. Now I want to do something with all of our old ones. Thanks for sharing it:D

  11. Love your hand towls, what pattern did you use? With your t-shirt quilt I had read that if use 'iorn on backing' this helps to stabalize the t-shirt material.


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