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Wednesday, 15 February 2012

My Creative Space

Therapy sessions have resumed! 
I received some gorgeous wool from Bendigo Mills.
Practicalities and finances determined my big project. There are quite a few blankets I have pinned lately. I chose "something pretty" because it required fewer colours basically, and the fact I wanted to actually create something pretty. I am hoping I will build up a stash of leftovers to start a ripple or spotty blanket...

So the run down.
Classic 8 ply yarn from Bendigo Woollen Mills
Colours: Almond, Lipstick Rose, Musk, Rose Pink, Sea Quest
"Something Pretty" pattern here.
deviations so far -using size 5.5 hook.

Happy days!
More creativity going on over here


  1. Lovely colours Trudi! I look forward to seeing what you're making!

    Jill @ Creating my way to Success

  2. Those squares are cute, I would love to try and make one!

  3. Very pretty indeedy. I love the square too... all bubbly and cute.

  4. Such pretty colours! They look really cute :)

  5. Ooooh this is gorgeous colours!!Can't wait to see it finished Trudi.xx

  6. this is a new to me pattern and it is very pretty. Looking forward to seeing your progress!

  7. I, too, havent seen this effect before.
    Looks like the flowers pop out when you see them all in rows which is so cool.
    I wouldnt have the patience to begin one of these let alone finish a whole piece.
    Happy stitching to you!

  8. The colour combo is fantastic Trudi - nothing wrong with a bit of 'pretty' now and then :)

  9. Looks like its going to be beautiful - love the flower look of the squares:) Cyndy

  10. Your crochet squares are so very pretty, love the colour choice too:)

  11. Trudi, I love the colurs. In fact I found a "Country Style" mag today whilst packing and a fabric quilt on the cover had the same sort of dusty colours and I thought I would keep it as an inspiration for yarn choice.
    It will be very pretty indeed.


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