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Wednesday, 14 March 2012

My creative space- Ta Da!

Since my last post I was on a mission to finish the "Something Pretty" blanket. And I actually finished it last Thursday. 
It was the photographing that took the time ( and the small inconvenience of our river flooding)!
 And I just want everyone to appreciate the photos , as during the process I got bitten by a Jumping Jack ant. If you are not familiar with these ants, they are very big, black and can make a grown person cry from their bite! Their bite remains unbearably itchy for days. I don't like them.

Anyway.... all the specs can be seen here.

And last week I took it into a gorgeous local shop Wiseman's Ferry Vintage and Collectables where it is now for sale. Karlene has a shop full of pretty things  - worth a check out.

Now the below aren't mine and if you live in Sydney you may have seen them already. 
We went for a visit to the Power House Museum where I was lucky enough to see  the "Love Lace" exhibition. I say "lucky" because I did have a 6 and 7 year old in tow who ,quite frankly weren't that interested in that part of the museum.

This is a pic of the bottom corner of our property, which usually is dry. The combination of the Warragamba Dam spilling over and the high tide resulted in this. It also meant I had the kids home for 3 days as the ferries couldn't run.

And  one more photo just because...

I have long resisted..... but now you can follow Maude and Me here too.

Happy ourcreativespace days.


  1. What a pretty blanket, I bought a similar boy one the other day for my new bub.

  2. So pretty! What a great job, Trudi!

    I think I was bitten by one of your ants today. I can't believe how annoyingly itchy it is and it's such a 'big' bite. Darn ants. x

  3. Very pretty! Sorry about the ant bite, it does not sound fun at all

  4. The blanket looks beautiful! Well done... and love that you can sell your work too! And understandable about those ants and you not liking them very much too.

  5. Ooo - I love your blanket, Trudi. Lovely colours. Ugh - I hate ants ... even worse, ants that bite!

  6. Beautiful blanket. The name says it all, it really is “Something Pretty”!
    I love all the shades of pink, gorgeous!

  7. Your blanket looks very pretty :) What great job you did! Hope your ant bite is better now... naughty ant!!

  8. gorgeous! clever you! the colours are lovely.

  9. I think I know the kind of ants you are talking about. there are a lot of them in Canton (China) where I used to live, and they are down right scary. very nice pictures of your blanket!

  10. AAAARGH! I haven't the foggiest how you can bear to part with such blankety goodness. You are a braver woman that I.

  11. It looks great - fingers crossed it sells for you:)

  12. Your blanket is absolutely spilling with loveliness. It is totally pretty in pink and the photos are a beautiful backdrop for it. I'm sure you will have no problems selling it!
    I've trying to get to the lace exhibit for ages (not from lack of trying) and I really must because it looks great.
    Welcome to FB -> finally ! .D


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