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Sunday, 25 March 2012

A week of greatness and gratefulness.

Why so great and grateful....?
Just had to list it all.

1.Lots of spinning.  

2. Steve sold 2 furniture pieces on the weekend.
This will be going into the gallery tomorrow. 

3. My "something pretty" blanket sold yesterday. 

4. Managed my morning walk.

5. 2nd harvest of cucumbers.

6. Had a great morning out with a new bloggy friend. Thanks Jill.
 Which also included a visit to the fab Bowerbird Project .

7. My youngest son (who is quite shy) played his first soccer match. Afterwards he told me "I thought I would be nervous but I wasn't". Very proud mum.

8. Lines on our road- hooray! Hopefully this will reduce accidents. 

9. The opening of the new exhibition "Distractions" at the Ferry Artist Gallery

10. Cathy also known as Tinniegirl had a pay what you can sale.
I am a huge fan of Cathy's art. And I love that her blog allows me to get to know the artist behind the sensational  art. I know she has put her heart into every piece. 
So I couldn't let the great opportunity pass...
and I was exceedingly lucky to purchase "Rainmaker".

11. And the cutest till last.
Meet our new addition -GYPSY.

Always grateful, but it has been a while since blogging it and linking up to 


  1. Hello lovely you! I'm often over here at your blog so I'm thrilled to see that you've linked your post up with me tonight. Surprise!

    Where do I start with all this fabness. The puppy, surely the puppy? Gypsy is just too adorable for words. Mwah!


  2. What a wonderful post! LOVE your new puppy, a Border Collie is on our very short list of dream dogs, and some sheep, and a farm ....

  3. Trudi this is a lovely post, how right you are to be grateful for so much in life :) Wonderful that both you and Steve sold your work! I love your handspun, great colours together. Lovely artwork, harvest and scenery to walk in. I shall come on over these school holidays with my brood to take it all in .) ..only followed by Miss Funky :)
    Gypsey is adorable!!!! :D

  4. Wow what a week! How sweet is Gypsy.

  5. Mmm... Cucumbers! Planning on doing some planting this week. Cute puppy too!

  6. Wow wow wow! love it all but Gypsy is too cute :) Give her a pat for me :)

  7. I love Tinniegirl's art too, so joyous. I have cucumber envy, only two harvested here so far, the cockies took out my first planting and they are subsequently a little late.

  8. You've had lots of wonderful things happening at your place:) Your new puppy is so very cute and I bet a favourite in your house at the moment.

  9. What a gorgeous post, lots to be happy about :) x


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