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Wednesday, 11 April 2012


It's school holidays round here . 
No grand plans have been made. 
Lazy mornings.
A lovely visit from the childrens' grandfather.
Friends will visit.
Some baking.
I will probably have to clean the house.
I will sneak moments for me, probably spinning.
A bit of kid crafting.
A lot of "get off the computer" and "can someone take the puppy out" to my children.
Definitely a bit of this too- "I'm bored" and me replying "go play with all those toys in your room, otherwise we can get rid of them""
Quick outings so we don't leave Gypsy on her own for too long.
Exploring the new BMX track in town.
More cleaning up after a puppy- love her but longing for the time when she is big enough to stay outside.
The start of the boy's soccer season.
Thinking , dreaming about a time where we might just hitch up a caravan and venture off.

What is happening round at your place?


  1. Sounds glorious!! We start school holidays tomorrow, FINALLY, can't wait, so much fun, love Posie

  2. Now I'm going to have to yarn bomb my veggie patch!! x

  3. Hey! I hadn't even thought about the 'getting rid of toys approach'! I have a whole new string to my bow for the last two days of the hols!

  4. fun times! are you part of the yarn bomb kibble park mob?
    here , we are pondering where to live and am struggling with my hooky mistakes. but all is pretty good really. we should catch up again too.

  5. sounds like an interesting week.

  6. Your garden looks too cool:) I love school holidays to just take things as they come and have a nice relaxed routine. We're back at school sadly today, 2 weeks went by too fast for me:)

  7. Love that yarn covered teepee! Might have to make some for my garden!!



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