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Monday, 16 April 2012

Wondering and pondering

This is the skein from my dyeing day. It is a "thick and thin" spun and then slightly felted.
Pondering about selling more of my skeins.

And on the wheel at the moment is 60/40 blend of hand dyed merino and undyed mulbery silk.
Mulbery....I have a mulbery tree.....just wondering about silk worms.

I LOVE garage sales. It is the one thing I miss about living in the burbs.So imagine my happiness when one is just up the road. I was not the only one in heaven.  Steve could not believe his eyes either. He came away with a box full of specialised tools. I bought this desk knowing we had absolutely no space for it. Steve said this and I knew it. But could you have passed it up for $2?
So am now pondering , wondering ,scrutinizing where it might just squeeze in.
A little'un has decided it would probably be good in her room.

In reality something will have to go. I'm thinking  the doll's house.

And wondering if anyone wants to subscribe to maudeandme over at facebook?


  1. That desk is definitely too cheap to pass up, how cool is it. I love the colours of your wool too, very pretty blue. :)

  2. The wool is so yummy, have fun with that & the desk - i've bought something similar & the map too, but just can't quite decide how to use it yet - it will come to me . . . love Posie


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