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Sunday, 20 May 2012

What a bad parent I am.

The tooth fairy didn't come last night. 
Apparently yesterday was a busy night for losing teeth...hopefully the tooth fairy will  remember find the time to come tonight.

Have you ever forgotten important adult secret stuff (as named by my 10 year old) like that?
Let the Santa out of the bag?
Or is it just me...


  1. I've done that too! Covered it up by saying -"Well you haven't been brushing your teeth properly - even the tooth fairy didn't want it!". That's me - worst mother in the world.

  2. Aww no you're not...my thirteen year old still pays out on me for teeth she never collected on...confession time....I think they still sit in a tooth keeper on the shelf.
    I said if she was old enough to nag me then she was old enough not to expect the money Hehehehe.


  3. Nope I have forgotten too and had to sneak out to the kitchen and leave the money on the table and said the tooth fairy couldn't find her way to the bedroom...I think we have all been there/done that LOL :-)

  4. Oh no!! Yep been there done that our tooth fairy has also had very busy nights when she has not been able to make it to all the little kiddies lol

  5. Oh no you aren't a bad Mum at all, by the time you sit and relax at night it's easy to forget the tooth fairy job. I find these jobs get harder and harder to get done secretively;)


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