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Wednesday, 15 August 2012

No excuses

I love spinning. 
I love choosing the colour ways.
I love choosing the fibers.
I love creating with the finished yarn.

Did you know you can spin fiber made from milk? It is very similar to silk.
My yarn can be found at The Bower Bird Project !!

And I still love crocheting.
This rectangle vest was inspired by a friend and also a Jo Sharp pattern.
It is easy peasy. The length and width can be adjusted to your size easily.

I measured  the width I wanted across my shoulders, which resulted in a 74 chain foundation.
Then I trebled into 3rd chain and trebled into each chain, hooking into the back loop only (this gives it a ribbed effect) and chaining 2 at the end of each row.
I stopped after 29 rows.
Then  the neck hole. I'm vague here on the numbers but basically remember it is the following format but the numbers might be different for you. 
* The number of trebles at the beginning of row must match the numbers of trebles at the end of the row.And the number of chains will equal the number of trebles you skip.*
e.g the neck hole -treble 18 , chain 36, skip 36 trebles, treble remaining  18, chain 2 turn.
The back - treble into 3rd chain and  into each chain.
Continue till you have another 29 rows.
Sew or crochet up the sides allowing for arm holes.
Wear with pride.
This was made with a 4.5mm hook and some hand spun Border Leicester. About an 8ply.

Finally I'm curious to know what is your current favourite colour scheme in wearable yarn?

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